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Peace Child: An Unforgettable Story of Primitive Jungle Treachery in the 20th Century

Peace Child: An Unforgettable Story of Primitive Jungle Treachery in the 20th Century - Don Richardson After reading "Jungle Jewels and Jaguars", I was reminded of this wonderful book by Don Richardson and his experience with a tribe of head-hunting cannibals in Irian Jaya Indonesia. Don Richardson, his wife, and infant son go to live among the Sawi people as Christian missionaries. Unreached by outsiders until 1962, the Sawi were headhunting cannibals, an almost unheard of combination in anthropology circles. Some tribes might be cannibals, others headhunters, but the Sawi brought both together in one culture. This book is about how the Richardson's discovered that God had planted the seeds of truth about Jesus and his sacrificial death for our redemption in the very culture of the Sawi, headhunters and cannibals though they were. Initially it did not look as though there were any common elements between the truth of Christianity and the Sawi culture. The Sawi glorified treachery and deceit. The most honored men among them were those who had sought friendship with men from a neighboring tribe, only to "fatten him for friendship" and then trick him into being captured, killed, then eaten. When Don Richardson tells the Sawi the story of Jesus and his betrayal by Judas, the Sawi see Judas as the hero! How impressive Judas had been to betray his friend with a kiss! The Richardson's are at first frustrated and saddened to be unable to reach these people, until the Lord leads them to a wonderful discovery in the very culture of the Sawi.[SPOILERS:] Peace between tribes did happen, and the Richardson's wondered how peace could be possible when every man is plotting to deceive every man they befriend from another tribe. They discover that peace is attained only when the father from one tribe gives his own son to a man in the opposing tribe. The man who receives this baby son then gives HIS own son to the first man. Each man promises to raise the "peace child" as his own, and peace is kept between the tribes while the sons live. For any Sawi to deceive and kill a "peace child" is the most wicked action that could happen.When Don Richardson explained that Jesus is our "peace child", the Sawi cried and mourned, realizing what a terrible thing Judas had done... to kill God's "peace child"! From this, the Richardson's are able to share the truth of God's word in such a way that each Sawi understands that since Jesus is our "peace child", and he is also God, there will never need to be another peace child. He has indeed paid it all for us, and peace can be attained with God and with our fellow men.This book is a WONDERFUL book, and I was so happy to read it again. I heard Don Richardson tell his story in person back in the 1980's, and everyone within hearing distance was riveted to their seat while he spoke. What a powerful message to hear, that God plants seeds of His truth in every culture! Even a culture as self-destructive as the Sawi.