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The Vatican Diaries: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Power, Personalities, and Politics at the Heart of the Catholic Church
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The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia
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Jungle Jewels & Jaguars: Living with the Amueshas Translating God's Word

Jungle Jewels & Jaguars: Living with the Amueshas Translating God's Word - Martha Duff Tripp This book is about two young women who moved to Peru in the late 1950's to live with a group of people in the remote headwaters of the Amazon river. These two young women were the author Martha Duff Tripp and Mary Ruth Wise. We are very good friends with Mary Ruth, and it was she who gave us the book.Martha and Mary lived with the Amueshas and documented their language, created an alphabet and grammar based on the oral language of the people, taught the Amueshas to read their own language, and then translated the Holy Bible into the "heart language" of the Amueshas!This process took years. Literally decades. But the story chronicles the faithfulness of these two ladies who served and loved their brothers and sisters in the Amueshas so that they could read God's word in their own language.I would recommend it for many reasons. Watching the process of bringing the Word of God into the very hands of those who want to read it is a wonderful thing to see!The result of all this work was the development of 45 churches established by the Amueshas themselves. What a wonderful thing to have seen!!!*************I recently ran across an online archive of letters written by Jim and Betty Elliot (also missionaries in Peru) to one of their supporting churches in Oregon. They deal with many of the same issues that are written about in Martha Duff Tripp's book. You can read them also at the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton, http://www.wheaton.edu/bgc/archives/docs/Elliotletters/intro.htm