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My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey - Jill Bolte Taylor This book was difficult to review. On one hand parts of the book are really well done, but the other parts are very poor. So how to you rate the whole thing?The excellent portion of this book had to do with the documentation of the stroke the author suffered at 37. Being a brain scientist by profession, Jill Taylor is able to fully document what was happening to her during the stroke. This portion of the book is amazing, and worth reading multiple times. Her chapter on "Morning of the Stroke" is gripping and chilling. She watches as her stroke separates the two halves of her brain, the left brain which is in control of verbal activity, and the right brain which is in control of emotions. The right brain was left "in control", which meant Jill had little verbal ability. That she recovered over a period of 10 years is nothing short of miraculous.The portion of the book that is very poor, I thought, is the religious and philosophical element that she introduces as thought it is as certain and true as the medical portions of the book. One "rule" that she lives by now is "If you have to choose between being right and being happy, choose being happy". I found that an aggravating and selfish statement, and it tainted the way I read the rest of the book.So, read the book for the warning signs you need to know about regarding strokes, read the book to find out how your brain works.... but set it aside when she starts talking about "energy beings" and how we can evolve the world into a peaceful place by just choosing to reject left brain logical thinking. Several questions arose when I read this book that the author does not address, but I wish she did. When she was in the middle of her stroke, she was unable to communicate but was fully aware of the people around her and what they said. This realization is important when we think of people with brain injuries, stroke, in comas, and in some non-verbal state. The author herself says over and over, "I am in here, I am not stupid, I am just wounded." Would that this information was used more to establish dignity and respect for those people in non-verbal states!!!