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The Whisperers: Private Life in Stalin's Russia
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A Christmas Memory

A Christmas Memory - Truman Capote I am always looking for books to read in the upcoming Christmas season. I saw this book in a catalog, and thought I would read it first from the library. I'm glad I saved my money and did not buy it. While beautifully written it is a terribly sad and tragic book, not one that I would want to bring out from year to year and read over again. Perhaps a better title would have been "A Christmas memory -- some sweet but alot bitter and unhappy". It is largely autobiographical, which explains much as Truman Capote had a wretched childhood. The book relates the story of a little 7 year old boy and his elderly woman cousin whom he calls "my friend". Both of them are unloved and unwanted. The other relatives in the house are portrayed only through anger and shrillness. Buddy, as the boy is called, and his friend escape the unhappiness of the house by withdrawing to themselves.The sweet memories include making fruitcakes to send to strangers who have entered their lives, searching for the perfect Christmas tree, and enjoying belonging to each other and loving each other. However, the book ends when Buddy is sent away to school and his cousin eventually dies. After this Christmas memory, he never sees her again. There is no real understanding of Christmas, and no hope... only the numbing sorrow of a child who found someone to love him and someone he could love, and in the end is separated from that person forever.